New Releases on June 1st and more!

Hi everyone,

I have a few exciting announcements to make, and first up is our new releases!

Available June 1, 2020!

The Red Hare
Fresh ginger; fig preserves; deep blonde suede.
Named for my son, I sought to capture the layers of his personality through the traditional layers of the fragrance pyramid. His loud and wild exterior (as well as his red hair), his intensely warm and sweet character, wrapping you with hugs and cuddles and love. Bright and spicy fresh ginger cuts through a rich accord of fig preserves, caramel, almond and cherry, the blonde suede accord gives a soft and deep base.

A handful of mulberries and pineapple chunks soaking in gin, bright vetiver and Virginia cedar.
Inspired by my youngest daughter – bright and sweet, a touch spicy and so very, VERY sassy. She has mastered the art of the stink face but hasn’t quite mastered when to not make one. Citrus and berries capture her sweetness, but the grapefruit-like tartness of mulberry, the acidity of pineapples and the touch of juniper show her spicy and sassy nature. Virginia cedar, a relative of juniper trees, amplifies and gives depth to the spicy nature of juniper berries without the turpentine-like top notes, and the bright vetiver accord ties it together with the citrus.

“These hands made of splinters, keep knocking back the whiskey sours…”
Inspired by the body of work of the band Murder by Death. Don’t let their name fool you like they did me. In the early 00s, I had the chance to see them play, but had never heard them before.  Judging the band by their name, I thought they’d probably be run-of-the-mill metal/hardcore. I was absolutely, 110% blown away by their unique and flawlessly cohesive mix of Americana, post-hardcore and supernatural ghost stories about love, loss, falls from grace and redemption. They immediately became one of my favorite bands. Florida lemon*, a full-bodied whiskey accord with nuances of coconut, apple, caramel, oak, pineapple and clove. Benzoin, Western red cedar (a dry, nutmeg-like wood), and frankincense round out the base into a gourmand-leaning-incense.
*More about this later!

Beloved (reformulation)
“You seek a false comfort when you demand that I define myself for you with words. Words do not contain or define any person. A heart can, if it is willing.”
The Fool. Amber. Lord Golden. Beloved. All names for one of the main protagonists from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series. A person of ambiguity, facets, disguises, philosophy. Many of the passages from Hobb’s books have resonated with me on a deep level. Some have even changed my approach to life.
The top and middle are apricot brandy, filled with notes of caramel, juicy apricots, dried apricots, berries, cherries, oak and vanilla. The base accord is a soft almost creamy accord of white sandalwoods and pale cedar.

Candelere (reformulation)
Molly Nosegay Chandler, another character from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series. She is a wonderful person, driven, and so full of compassion. But she also has limits and boundaries. She is a strong character and Hobb (as always) portrays her with nuance and depth.
The berry-rose-green notes of fireweed compliment and contrast sweet yet bitter marigolds and a deep honey accord, rounded off with an earthy sandalwood and beeswax base with hints of vetiver and woods.


All products will be 10% off from June 1, 2020 until June 30th, 2020. This is to celebrate our new releases and our yearly anniversary, which had to be delayed due to CV19.


IFRA Standards

All products have been reformulated slightly to meet the new IFRA standards. This has resulted in some slight changes, but overall, I don’t think any of it is noticeable. The most changed (and likely only noticeable one) was Etta, which according to the new IFRA standards, was able to receive more clove and ever so slightly less jasmine. To be honest, I think the new formulation of Etta is even better.


*Florida Citrus

As of last month, I have entered a business relationship with a local citrus essential oil and citrus fractions distiller and supplier. They are only about 3 hours away and their products are amazing. I’m proud to announce this, as local suppliers help to cut down both on waste and on pollution.
1899 is the first perfume to feature their products; the cold pressed lemon essential oil.

New Label & Product Photos

Also to be revealed - new labels and product photos!

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