Simpatico - Perfume

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Rose, geranium, tobacco, chocolate, amber

Floral, gourmand, cool, metallic, musk

Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

Opens with a cool, airy rose-geranium accord, balanced with sweet and slightly earthy tobacco notes. The dry down warms up into chocolate amber and musk with a touch of dark wood notes.

Velocity Girl was a band I listened to non-stop for about half a decade. The cold metallic jangle of their guitar paired with the sweet yet somehow detached vocals and power pop song writing had me entranced. They're been on my playlists again and I can't help but wonder why I ever stopped listening to them. Sorry Again is my favorite song off of the Simpatico album, click here to listen to it!

6/1/2020: This product was reformulated to meet the new IFRA regulations.

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