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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all shipments have been delayed up to 5 business days.
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2 ml Sample Pack

2 ml Sample Pack

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Choose any five(5) perfume or beard/hair oils. Please list them in the comments during check out.


    Notes in a perfume are single aspects of the scent. This is similar to how musical notes combine to make a chord.

    Notes are not always indicative of a specific ingredient, just the single aspect of the overall scent.


    • Accord - A balanced blend of notes that adds up to more than just the sum of its parts
    • Agrestic - denotes herbal and/or rustic family of notes
    • Allspice - cinnaminic, clove, spices, wood
    • Amber - an accord of incense-related notes, usually some (or all!) of the following: vanilla, labdanum, benzoin (styrax).
    • Ambergris - oceanic, animalic, musk
    • Amyris - deep, earthy, wood, animalic
    • Animalic - aroma ingredients that were originally sourced from living animals, almost all of these are now synthetic
    • Apricot - fruity, extremely sweet, juicy, jam, honey
    • Beeswax - earthy, mild, waxy, resinous
    • Birch Leaf - spicy, green, forest, eucalyptus-like without the camphor, refreshing
    • Black Agar (synthetic aloeswood) - extremely deep and smoky, incense, dark wood
    • Black Leather - sharper and cleaner than Leather
    • Blond Wood - light, transparent wood notes
    • Cardamom - heady, spicy, warm, often used in tea
    • Cashmeran - warm, soft, clean fur-like musk, spicy
    • Cedar - deep, wood, sharp, almost animalic
    • Cherry Blossom - transparent, sweet, green, fruity
    • Cinnamon - bright, spice, sweet, dominant top note unless composed carefully
    • Clary Sage – clean, green, diffusive, smokey, salty used to create some synthetic ambergris
    • Clove - sharp, spicy, pepper, wood
    • Clover - soft, sweet, green, bright, grass
    • Coumarin - cherry, almonds, hay, not to be confused with the medication Coumadin
    • Dark Rum - deep, smoky, booze
    • Fig – warm, juicy, honey, wood, fruit, cinnaminic
    • Fir Needles – forest, green, juicy, jam, camphor, Christmas tree
    • Frankincense - warm, sharp, resinous, incense
    • Freesia - clean, white, floral, peppery
    • Geranium - leafy, floral, rose-like
    • Iso E Super – warm, transparent, wood, skin enhancer, amber
    • Juniper - spicy, gin, green, forest
    • Kephalis - warm, transparent, wood, incense, amber
    • Labdanum - resinous, amber, incense
    • Leather - sharp, deep, earthy, also see Black Leather
    • Myrrh - deep, resinous, earthy, sweet, dry, leathery
    • Neroli - citrus, green, floral, wood
    • Oak Moss - deep, earthy, moss, forest
    • Ozone/Air - reminiscent of clean, odorless air, meant to invoke a sensation rather than a specific odor
    • Patchouli - earthy, sweet, oily, herbal
    • Pear - sweet, juicy, fruity, wood
    • Plumeria (Frangipani) - fruity, floral,
    • Rose - deep, floral, fruity, jam, spicy
    • Rum - sweet, booze, vanillic
    • Sandalwood - warm, wood, deep, may have a smoke-like aspect to it
    • Styrax - resinous, incense, warm, vanillic, cinnaminic, amber
    • Thyme - herbal, agrestic, spicy
    • Tomato Leaf - green, earthy, sharp, astringent
    • Tulip - floral, white musk, peppery
    • Vanilla - Full, warm, resinous, sweet
    • Vetiver - earthy, sharp, deep, grass
    • Violet Leaf - green, leafy, earthy, powdery
    • White Musk - a plant-based musk, cleaner and brighter than animalic musks, can mimic clean skin, can enhance the scent of the wearer's own skin as well


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