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A deep oud accord and sweet raspberry suffuse their way up through the middle notes of clean, transparent jasmine and top notes of fresh lime peel accord. There's something comforting, something addictive and something otherworldly in this.

Descriptors: fruit, sweet, wood, heady

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

About: Way back in 1998 or 1999, not long after I started working in a bookstore, an unusual cover caught my eye. A woman's face surrounded by leaves, scratched out white space, a grungy typewriter font. This was 100% my aesthetic! I read the first story or two on my lunch break that day, bought the book and devoured it (or maybe it infected me). Extremities by Kathe Koja. In turns horrific, weird, and unnerving, sparsely dotted with cold constellations of optimism. This fragrance is named after her first book but based on her strange body of work.

 Changes: June 1, 2020: This formulation was updated to meet IFRA standards.

"Maddeningly beautiful, and faint as an insect choir, like standing in the dark and glimpsing - the barest peripheral, an image beyond your eyelids -- the passing of your one desire, close enough to nuzzle if you could only fix its motion, see it all the way."

- Kathe Koja, The Cipher

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