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A dark wood accord, like well weathered ship's timbers, forms the base for the heart of sweet rum and jasmine and top note of lime juice.

Descriptors: floral, sweet, spices, booze

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance (including clove, a possible sensitizer)

About: The name Etta comes from a trilogy of books called The Liveship Traders written by Robin Hobb. Hobb is one of my favorite authors, and her character Etta is one of my favorites from this trilogy. Etta is a vicious pirate and throughout the series she does not hesitate to do what is needed, even if it means escalating situations beyond what is necessary...

Changes: June 1, 2020: This formulation was updated to meet IFRA standards.

9/20/19: This new formula no longer contains sandalwood.

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