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Notes: Apple cider, cloves, papyrus (cypriol), beeswax, patchouli, musks

Descriptors: fruit, spices, balsamic, amber, musk

Ingredients: Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

About: Apple cider, buttery and rich, opens the top notes. Clove and papyrus (aka nagarmotha or cypriol) paired together give a background of aromatic spiciness without overwhelming the cider. The cypriol adds traces of cedar and patchouli or perhaps myrrh and vetiver depending on how you interpret it. The beeswax and musk reinforce the richness of the cider accord, adding an amber tone with slightly animalic sweetness and elegant depth. The patchouli gives accent to the sweetness of the beeswax.
Inspired by The Blacktongue Thief by Christopher Buehlman, my favorite book of 2021. The elements of this perfume – apple cider, cloves, beeswax, and musk – are taken from a love letter in the book.
During the process of creating this, I originally wanted the apple cider accord to be the dominant note, however the apple cider I created was so full bodied and buttery and decadent that I had to back it way down into being more in balance with the other aspects. Clove and cypriol are similar in some ways and I feel like they really compliment each other in this pairing. The dry down of musks, beeswax and patchouli are also so rich and warm. Several of the musks I chose to use have a fruity-apple aspect which helps to give the cider accord lasting power.

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