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Ashara - Perfume

Ashara - Perfume

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Notes: Nilgiri tea, black ink, white agar, palm dates

Descriptors: Tea, deep, gourmand, wood, metallic

Ingredients: Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

Known Allergens: Citronellol, geraniol, benzyl salicylate

Bracing Nilgiri tea steams up from the middle notes through the top notes. Black ink gives the tea a slightly smokey and slightly metallic trigeminal effect, this is more sensation than smell. White agar, an accord of naturals and synthetics based around a fantasy version of oud, gives a clean, deep woody dry down. Palm dates accompany the white agar, adding a sweet honeyed depth.

About: Inspired by Ashara Komayd, protagonist of THE CITY OF STAIRS by Robert Jackson Bennett:  Genius, planner, theological expert, cultural ambassador, detective, spy. Ashara is a woman who knows her limitations and how to get around them. She is filled with unique perspective and empathy, and courage to stand up for oppressed people from within the system of oppression.

“Coffee refreshes the body … tea refreshes the soul.”

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