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Blackberry Heartwood - Perfume

Blackberry Heartwood - Perfume

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Notes: Blackberries, warm greens, sandalwood, amyris

Descriptors: bright, tart, berry, citrus, wood, musk

Ingredients (Oil): Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

Ingredients (EDP): Ethanol alcohol, fragrance
Note: Alcohol based perfumes are only available within the continental US

Known Allergens: Citronellol, geraniol, linalool


Blackberry and sandalwood. A deceptively simple description for what I’ve been chasing with this perfume. This isn’t the odor of fresh blackberries, it’s the juicy and tart and citrus tingle of eating them. It's the background presence of a sunlit forest, warm green leaves and wood. Sandalwood adds its richness to the sun-warmed woods and amyris gives an earthy body and depth to the entire composition.

I'd been working on this one for a little while when I came to the realization that the actual odor of blackberries is somewhat one dimensional and...well...boring. Eating blackberries though? There's tart greenness and citrus and the berry aspects that are so much stronger. Retronasal olfaction - the combination of how something tastes and smells while you eat it - is what I wound up going after for the blackberry accord.

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