Blame, Etc.

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Opens with tart and juicy pink peppercorn, balanced by herbal, sweet coriander.

The pink peppercorn carries over into the heart notes: bright jasmine, spicy and leathery saffron, supported a rose accord.

The dry down is smokey incense and honeyed woods.

Descriptors: deep, tart, floral, saffron, leathery, smokey, earthy

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance, isopropyl myristate


About:  The Afghan Whigs have been one of my favorites since the mid-90s. Musically, they write gritty, caustic rock with a huge Motown and soul influence. Lyrically, they write vignettes of bad people, bad faith, and toxic relationships. If you'd like to give a listen, click here.

Changes: June 1, 2020: This formulation was updated to meet IFRA standards.









My lust it ties me up
In chains
My skin catches fire at the
Mention of your name
No matter what I tried to do
I could not lose it

Now I know my heart
Is being used
But what I'm not allowed to have
I never could refuse
No matter what I tried to do
I stood accused

I reply, that I don't believe
I'm ever gonna die, I don't
Do you?

Blame, deny, betray, divide
A lie, the truth
Which one shall I use?
Whatcha gonna do?
I know
Whatcha gonna do?
I know, I know, I know

Your sanctimony
Is showing my dear
The acrimony
Hangs in the air
Beware of who you trust
In this world
Beware the lies about
To unfurl

I reply, that I don't believe
I'm ever gonna die, I don't
Do you?
You were blind
But you are not alone in this
As I, was once
Like you