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Lychee #17 - Perfume

Lychee #17 - Perfume

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Notes: Lychee, coconut, vanilla, white musks, vanilla

Descriptors: Fruity, tart, sour, lactonic, green, fresh

Ingredients: Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

Known Allergens: Geraniol, linalool

About: Bright and acidic lychee tingles the back of your mouth, just like eating a real lychee. The creamy coconut helps give depth and sweetness to lychee. The coconut carries on well into the dry down, where the vanilla and white musk takes over. This vanilla isn’t gourmand, it isn’t edible…it’s a refreshing vanilla spiked with traces of cool apples and vetiver.

This is the first time I’ve approached a perfume with the intent of making it seasonal - in this case spring and summer. The lychee wound up having to be a little *less* realistic because once hit skin it became a little too sour, and quite frankly, gave me a headache. I chose coconut to compliment it because so-called aldehyde C18 (it’s not really an aldehyde,but a lactone) makes up a portion of the natural ingredients of lychee. Coconut also gives a good bridge between lychee and vanilla. I chose to temper the vanilla with white musks and a hint of vetiver to bring it from a warm base note to a cool, refreshing base that I think is more suitable for summer and spring.

Watercolor art by KKerrigan

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