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My Curse - Perfume

My Curse - Perfume

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Notes: Red wine, hyssop, cashmere, suede, musk


Ingredients (Oil): Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

Ingredients (EDP): Ethanol alcohol, fragrance
Note: Alcohol based perfumes are only available within the continental US

Known Allergens: Linalool, benzyl alcohol, citronellol

A full bodied red wine accord that opens with top notes of apple, plum, dark dried fruits and mild florals.

As the middle notes come forward, the dried fruit and deep plum shine, with hints of raspberries, and the herbal/spicy aspect of hyssop complimenting it.

The final dry down is the warm fuzziness of both suede and cashmere, tempered with raspberry and plum, and a touch of tonkin musk (synthetic and vegan).

"You hurt me babyI flinch so when you doYour kisses scourge meHyssop in your perfume"


About: Based on the song My Curse by Afghan Whigs, I've been wanting to make this one for a while, but the overall idea of the perfume kept escaping me. The line "hyssop in your perfume" pretty much made this ingredient set in stone, but the red wine, suede, and cashmeran came from exploring the idea that this perfume is someone listening to this song, someone in a dimly lit club and relating to it too much to be unaffected.

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