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Stone & Wit

Turyin - Perfume

Turyin - Perfume

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Notes: Pomegranate, plums, sandalwood, gunpowder

Descriptors: Tart. fruit, juicy, dry, wood, mineral, smoke

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

Known Allergens: Geraniol

Inspired by Turyin Mulaghesh, protagonist of THE CITY OF BLADES (the second book of the Divine Cities trilogy) by Robert Jackson Bennett. Turyin is world-weary, cynical, with a streak of idealism held close to her core. Retired General Mulaghesh, as we know her in the second book, is reluctant to do anything except self-medicate to deal with her personal demons. She is damaged, and flawed, but once she gets going, she is utterly determined.

Top notes of pomegranate - a bit sweet cherry-berry and a bit sour citrus – blend into the middle notes of juicy plum with woody hints of the stone pit itself. The dry down is a sandalwood accord with a touch of mineral, smokey gunpowder. Pomegranate and plum for her acidic personality, plum also for the stone of optimism she keeps hidden. Sandalwood for the service to her homeland (a fantasy version of India) and gunpowder for her military experiences.

“Yet I now ask of you - are you marauders or are you servants? Do you give power to others, or do you hoard it? Do you fight not to have something, but rather fight so that others might one day have something? Is your blade a part of your soul, or is it a burden, a tool, to be used with care? Are you soldiers, my children, or are you savages?”
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